The Coffee House


We are currently under construction.  Thank you for your patience.


     Welcome to The Coffee House, an organization developed for students by students and teachers at Kaplan University, to spend down-time presenting their thoughts on paper.

     The sky is the limit when it comes to the type of writing that will be presented on this site. So whether you are in the mood to write creatively, or if you have an academic thought you would like to get down on paper, feel free! 

     This site will be used to obtain additional writings by students who would like their material read during The Coffee House Workshop, and to enjoy in their spare time when the "Reading Room" is not available.  You can also get in on the blog, which will contain highlights from previous meetings and readings. Feel free to peruse the site. Get involved in our blogs! Curl up with your laptop and enjoy!

     Even if you need assistance with writing essays, citing resources or extra help with your Visual Basic programming, this is the place to come.  You can even assist each other if you are comfortable with your subject.  Just remember, no copying!  :  ) We must continue to uphold Kaplan student ethics and integrity.

     The Coffee House "Reading Room" runs once a month on Monday nights at 8:00PM EST/7:00PM CST.  (You will receive an invitation by email with all of the information you will need to join in.)  If you would like to read or have your writings read, even if you would like to be included in one of our breakout rooms for assignment discussions, email Clarissa Cooper or Fay Wisner at

Keep in mind that not all readings submitted for the site or the "Reading Room" will be read online. (All readings will be subject to review prior to posting and/or reading.) 



New Study Halls

We now have two study halls which can be accessed at anytime.

Check it out today!!!


In Loving Memory of Clarissa Cooper

With heavy, heartfelt, deepest sympathy for family and friends, we join you in mourning the loss of our dearest friend, and former President Clarissa Cooper who has passed on. If you would care to leave a poem or writing for our friend, please feel, free to post. ~ In Loving Memory of Clarissa Cooper



Vulgar language and or rude behavior will not be tolerated on this site. Anyone found to ignore these rules will be eliminated from the site.  In addition, the viewpoints contained on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of Kaplan University or The Coffee House team.