The Coffee House



Our Development Team members are: Penny Freeland, Clarissa Cooper, Fay Wisner 

Readers at the "Reading Room/Workshop" include: Penny Freeland, Clarissa Cooper, Lyndon Kubitz, Fay Wisner and you. 

Technical Guidence Administrators are: Clarissa Cooper, Lyndon Kubitz



Penny Freeland graduated from Queens College with high honors and Magna Cum Laude in 1993.  She won many awards for her writing on the undergraduate level, including

the Grand Gold Award and the Sandra Shore Award,  In 1995, she went on to receive an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College.  


Ms. Freeland began teaching in 1994.  She has been teaching online since 2000.  She created the Composition 1 course for Kaplan University in 2002.  She was the online Faculty Supervisor in 2003.  In addition, Ms. Freeland mapped the Composition 1 course for Kaplan accreditation.  She trains new instructors on E-College and other platforms and mentors new faculty during their first term of service.


Ms. Freeland teaches a variety of online courses for Kaplan University and other fine online institutions.  Additionally, she taught on-ground classes for The City University of New York.  She is the course leader and course developer for Effective Writing for Information Technology majors at Kaplan. 

Ms. Freeland has won many awards for her work including Kaplan�s award for Outstanding Faculty due to her high student evaluations.  Her work has previously appeared in Black Rock & Sage, The Ledge, Alternative Arts & Literature, The Red Booth Review and New Works Review. 

Penny is the Advisor of the Coffee House.


Clarissa Cooper is President of The Coffeehouse as of July 2010, and also holds the capacity of Sr. Host of The Coffeehouse Reading Room/Workshop. She is also the Technical Guidance Administrator for the Coffeehouse Web site

August 2010, she will be entering her seventh quarter here at Kaplan University.

Clarissa degree plan is for a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with her focus being in Networking, Database Administration, Computer Application, and Training.

Clarissa was able to achieve three consecutive terms on the President List and is currently working to achieve that status again.

Clarissa believes as one climbs to the top they should never forget the others that are also trying to accomplish that climb, and believes in lending a hand.

With heavy, heartfelt, deepest sympathy for family and friends, we join you in morning the loss of our dearest friend, and former Vice President Clarissa Cooper who has passed on.  If you would care to leave a poem or writing for our friend, please feel free to post. ~ In Loving Memory of Clarissa Cooper  


Lyndon Kubitz has been the President/Technical Guidance Administrator for the Coffee House since February 2011

Lyndon is studying for an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems-Programming.  He began his journey February, 2009, and is now in his seventh term at Kaplan University.

His studies have taken him far in the field already.  He has made the Presidents list for each term since attending Kaplan.

As the director of the tutoring center for Kaplan IT students, Lyndon tutors, as-well-as assigns tutors for students.  This will be an ongoing effort to get the best of the virtual world in which we live.

Programming areas studied to date include Visual Basic, C # and Java; all lanuages up to and including the internediate classes that are offered at Kaplan.

Lyndon grew up on a farm in South East Minnesota.  He graduated High School in 1984.  He was a factory worker for most of his life.  When the time went downhill for the manufacturing field, he was laid off, so he turned to Kaplan University to change his life around.

Lyndon is currently a member of the Knights of Columbus.  In High School, he was an FFA member.  Lyndon wrote many programs in High School while taking a computer class.  As you can see, he has always had a great interest in computer programming.  


Fay Wisner is The Coffee House Web Master and Chairperson.  She has attended Kaplan University since July 2009.  Her field of study is in Information Technology with emphasis in Security and Forensics.  Fay is active in various organizations including Golden Key International Honour Society, Kaplan University Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, its sister organization KUACM-W implemented specifically for women in technology, and Iota Sigma Tau.  She is the Vice-President of KUACM, and Acting Director of KUACM-W.  (For more information, see our KUACM/KUACM-W page.)

Fay has helped to manage a family of seven, with five sons on board, ages now ranging from 17 to 24.  She is currently CAD Mechanical Designer for a local manufacturer of irrigation tape as-well-as holding a position of Assistant IT Administrator under the supervision of Spectrum Computer Consultants out of Watertown NY. 

Fay recently turned 50, and attributes her ability to reach this milestone to staying on top of her life.  Kaplan is one of the reasons she feels that she has been successful in many of her daily responibilities, as it has enabled her to get her sons interested in a college education, delivered knowledge in software which she uses on a day-to-day basis at work, and has taught her how to interact with people in a team setting among many other reasons.

Fay would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have been involved with her many successes since joining Kaplan, including Penny Freeland, Clarissa Cooper, Glen Jenewein, Frank Gatlin, Don Antcliff and the Kaplan University staff, particularly Katherine Finigan, Maurice and the Student Life organization.  "It has been a pleasure assisting all of you, and I look forward to continuing service into the future." -  Fay P. Wisner (2010)





Would you like to be a member of our team?  Drop us a line!  We would love to have you come aboard!